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Cable Protector Covers for warehouse, office, and home use

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Don’t keep your fragile wires and cables out in the open. It is not safe for these wires and cords not to be protected. Shield them from serious damage of being crushed or broken. Avoid people from tripping on these exposed cables and decrease the possibility of injury in the home or work place. They are also designed to fit in and around your home, office and work area from looking like a maze of wires and cables.

We sell many different types of Cable Protector Covers that are designed for many different situations and needs. We have Cable Protector Covers intended for all possible situations including exposure to light weight trucks, cars, wheelchairs and foot traffic. Our Cable Protection Covers are made to be long lasting and are made from durable rubber.

These “light weight” Cable Protector Covers have a center channel of 1.5" wide by 0.5" high. This wide channel makes it easy to set up and fit your cable / wire bundle into our Cable Protector Covers. However; we know not all situations/ environments are designed the same. We sell our Cable Protector Covers in 30", 36" and 60" segments. We also sell 45 degree connectors. These connectors can be used individually or join with a second 45 degree connector to form a complete right or left turn and allow the Cable Protector Cover to fit the length and path of your purpose.

These Cable Protector Covers are available in various colors including Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, or Yellow. Our Cable Protector Covers are made with textured surface to prevent slipping in wet or outdoor environments.


  • Total Width: 5.25"
  • Channel Size: 1.5" x 0.5"
  • Cable protector colors: Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, or Yellow Rubber
  • Pieces lock together securely to reduce/eliminate movement
  • Textured for maximum traction
  • Drop over design for easy installation and removal
  • Low profile design for comfort in foot traffic areas
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use


Ordering Information


Colors Available

Price each

Lead Time  
30" Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow $23 less than 1 week
36" Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow
less than 1 week
60" Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow
less than 1 week
45° Right Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow
less than 1 week
45° Left Black, Brown, Gray, Orange, Yellow
less than 1 week