We specialize in heat shrinkable tubing, Cable Ties, expandable braided sleeving (RoHS compliant), convoluted tubing (a.k.a. wire loom), and many other aspects of wire management. We carry high quality products that work well in tough applications such as aerospace and marine wire harnesses, and light duty applications such as wire management in the home. Although we're based in Florida, we have customers all over the world.

Are you shopping around online for high-quality heat shrink tubing or heat guns? You will be happy to know that you are near the end of your search right here at Buy Heat Shrink. We are an established and respected company that provides quality cable tie tools to industries, homes and businesses. The bulk of our customers are involved in the electrical industry but our products are versatile and so there are multiple other applications for them as well.

Heat Shrink Tubing


  • Our stocked varieties of heat shrink tubing include:
  • Braided Sleeving


    What is Heat Shrink?

    Heat shrink tubing, also referred to as shrink wrap, shrink band, shrink tubing, heat shrink sleeve, heat shrink sleeves, and heat shrinkable tubing, refers to an additional layer of protection given to wires. This is a recent discovery is many ways and has helped make wiring significantly better protected and a lot safer. Usually heat shrink tubing has applications in the construction of vehicles such as cars and vans and also airplanes and military vehicles. Heat shrink tubes are also used in spacecraft, audio and video equipment, computers and several large and small appliances. As the name suggests they are products that can handle heat generated shrinking. Heat shrink tubes are usually used for electrical insulation, wire bundling, color coding, cable bundling, corrosion protection, strain relief and weather and moisture sealing for wires and cables. Heat shrink tube is a good way to make sure that no wire is left open and unprotected because those tend to be fire hazards.

    We carry several different kinds of heat shrink tubes and you have to choose one that best suits your needs. This will depend on the size and thickness of the wiring and its location. Wires that are going to be exposed to the outside elements or chemical will need thick heat shrink tubes. Remember that heat shrink tubing is not a protection against direct exposure to flames or any kind of prolonged wear and tear situation. While they are a phenomenal step up in terms of wiring safety, they are not proof against all danger and it is important to use them with this awareness. Choose the right kind of heat shrink tubing and monitor it at regular intervals to need if it needs to be replaces or repaired.

    We also supply our customers with several accessories for heat shrink tubes. Among these are a range of cable ties that we stock which are typically used in installations with heavy duty cables and for wiring runs. They are applied with our cable tie tool to handle situations where there may be thick wire bundles or even plastic tubes running parallel to the wiring. These cable ties and wire ties are very useful for making your wiring look professional and clean-cut.