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Byrne Electrical Assemble Reveal - under desk electrical and data outlets

Cable Ties 18 pound


Do you like to keep your office cabling neat and tidy but do not have the space on your desk? If so, then the Byrne Electrical Assemble Reveal is a great option for you. This power/data workstation can be hidden underneath the work surface until it is needed. It can be installed flush under the desk or 13" back to hide and slide forward, allowing it to be fully concealed under the desk. When you need your connections just slide it forward on its track with a one-touch operation. It is easy to install especially because there is no need to drill or cut any holes to set this device up. This set up makes this outlet a perfect solution for any workstation or boardroom.

There are many different power and port options that are available when ordering the Byrne Electrical Assemble Reveal. It is available with 1, 2, 3, or even 4 power and voice/data ports. Its design will fit most d├ęcor with a clear anodized aluminum finish with either black or white trim. It is UL listed and is available with a 6 or 10ft 15Amp cord. There is a Voice/Data Adapter Kit included with each kit. The Byrne Electrical Assemble Reveal is an outlet that can meet all your needs.


  • Requires no holes, easy installation
  • Can be hidden underneath work surface until needed
  • Meets varying power, data, and video/audio requirements
  • Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 voice/data ports
  • One touch operation
  • Clear anodized aluminum finish
  • UL listed
  • Available with 6 or 10ft 15Amp cord
  • Jacks not included
  • Voice/Data Adapter Kit included with each kit


Ordering Information

Note: These units are made to order and ship in 1-2 weeks. No returns accepted unless defective

Colors available: Clear Anodized Aluminum and Black Anodized Aluminum (Posted prices are for clear. Black price is in drop-down and usually $40-50 more than clear)

Outlet configuration

Cord Length


1 Power, 1 Data/Voice 6 ft
3.32"W x 3"H
1 Power, 1 Data/Voice 10 ft
3.32"W x 3"H
2 Power, 2 Data/Voice 6 ft
6.63"W x 3"H
2 Power, 2 Data/Voice 10 ft
6.63"W x 3"H
3 Power, 3 Data/Voice 6 ft
9.95"W x 3"H
3 Power, 3 Data/Voice 10 ft
9.95"W x 3"H
4 Power, 4 Data/Voice 6 ft
13.27"W x 3"H
4 Power, 4 Data/Voice 10 ft
13.27"W x 3"H
Voice/Data Adapter Kit Black