Flex Tuff Heavy Duty Nylon Braided Cable Sleeving

BuyHeatShrink® Flex Tuff Braided Sleeving


  • Extra durable protection for excessive abrasion applications
  • UL recognized
  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Excellent flexibility
  • Demonstrates good chemical resistance
  • Excellent chemical resistance permits its use in harsh fluid environments
  • Expandable for ease of installation over irregular shapes and enlarged fittings
  • Custom braided sleeving produced with uniquely shaped polyamide monofilament
  • Uniquely shaped monofilament provides smooth, slick surface resisting snags when dragged over rough surfaces
  • Operating temperature 150°C (302°F)
  • Standard color: Black
Diameter Feet Part Number Buy
3/8" 1100 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-0375
$486.42 BSFXTF-0375
1/2" 550 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-050
$280.72 BSFXTF-050
3/4" 550 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-075
$354.53 BSFXTF-075
1" 575 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-100
$456.03 BSFXTF-100
1-1/4" 575 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-125
$536.99 BSFXTF-125
1-1/2" 275 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-150
$291.31 BSFXTF-150
1-3/4" 250 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-175
$286.28 BSFXTF-175
2" 275 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-200
$380.24 BSFXTF-200
3" 275 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-300
$559.44 BSFXTF-300
3-1/2" 250 FT/SPOOL BSFXTF-350
$544.50 BSFXTF-350
Flex Tuff expandable nylon braided sleeves are commonly used over industrial hoses, harnesses, and cable assemblies to provide durable protection in excessive abrasion applications. It's open weave construction allows for complete drainage, prevents condensation and provides for dissipation of heat and moisture. This sleeve is suitable for exposure to all weather conditions.
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