3:1 Printable Heat Shrink Tubing PreFlattened

3 to 1 Pre-flattened Polyolefin Heat Shrink Tubing


  • 3:1 Shrink Ratio (shrinks to 1/3 its original diameter)
  • Meets requirements of AMS-DTL-23053/5 (formerly MIL-I-23053/5), Classes 1, 3
  • UL 224 VW-1 and CSA OFT recognized
  • Maximum Continuous use temperature 135C
  • Shrink Temperature of 100°C and operating temperature of -55°C to + 135°C
  • Typical applications include: Insulation, Wire Identification, Wire Bundling, Mechanical Protection, Color Coding, Lightweight Harnessing, Physical/Electrical Protection of Components, Strain Relief, and Solder Insulation.
100% of 100
Diameter Nominal IDManufacturer PartID After ShrinkFlat Width Buy
3/32" 3/32"HS3F-00940.031"1/8"
100 FT/SPOOL$65.00
1/8" 1/8"HS3F-01250.039"3/16"
500 FT/SPOOL$292.50
100 FT/SPOOL$65.00
3/16" 3/16"HS3F-01880.059"5/16"
100 FT/SPOOL$70.00
1/4" 1/4"HS3F-0250.078"3/8"
250 FT/SPOOL$168.75
100 FT/SPOOL$75.00
3/8" 3/8"HS3F-03750.125"9/16"
250 FT/SPOOL$150.00
100 FT/SPOOL$80.00
1/2" 1/2"HS3F-0500.167"13/16"
250 FT/SPOOL$180.00
100 FT/SPOOL$95.00
3/4" 3/4"HS3F-0750.25"1-3/16"
250 FT/SPOOL$230.00
100 FT/SPOOL$115.00
1" 1"HS3F-1000.375"1-9/16"
100 FT/SPOOL$135.00
1-1/2" 1-1/2"HS3F-1500.5"2-3/8"
100 FT/SPOOL$175.00

Use Printable Heat Shrink Tubing for readily identifiable cable marking and professionalism at the job site. Pre-Flattened heat shrink allows for efficient printing with commercially available Heat Shrink Printers, while also accommodating the “modified label printers,” more commonly used for creating pre-printed heat shrink. Pre-Flattened heat shrink features the same properties as our standard 3:1 heat shrink tubing and is specially designed and spooled for use on thermal transfer label printers. Available in Yellow and White, and a variety of sizes, our pre-flattened printable 3:1 shrink ratio shrink tubing works with the Kroy K4350 printer or any I-Class printers, guaranteed to be your long-lasting labeling solution.

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