Cable Ties Assortment Kits offers a variety of top quality cable tie assortment packs to help meet the needs of a variety of applications.

These cable ties are known as 6.6 cables ties and are the most popular and widely used. They can be used in temperatures from -40°F up to 185°F and meet UL-94V-2 flammability ratings.

The first assortment group offered is the Handi-Ties pack. In this group, you will receive 300 4” cable ties (100 orange, 100 fluorescent pink and 100 green) and 200 8” cable ties (100 yellow and 100 light blue). These nylon cable ties come assorted in a plastic tray with each group of cable ties separated into their own section. Easy to transport and simple to dispense – you can take this cable tie kit anywhere you may need it.

Another cable tie assortment pack offers is the Black Pack. This assortment pack comes with a total of 400 black cable ties of different varieties to accommodate different cable bundling and wire identifications. This Black Pack specifically comes with 200 black 4” cable ties, 100 7” 50 pound loop tensile strength ties, and 100 11” 50 pound loop tensile strength ties. All of our black cable ties are weather and UV resistant for extended sunlight expose as well.

Large variety pack available is the 4” All Colors assortment pack which contains a total of 100 each of the 15 colors available. Colors available are black, natural, brown, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, gray, fluorescent green, fluorescent pink, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange and fluorescent blue.

Another available assortment pack is the 8” All Colors group, which contain 100 each of the 15 colors available. The cable ties in this group have a 40-pound loop tensile strength.

And lastly, the 14” All Colors assortment pack which contains 100 each of the 15 colors available, and have a 50-pound loop tensile strength.

Cable Tie Kit Bag Part Number# of 4" Ties# of 7" 50LB ties# of 8" 40 LB ties11" 50 LB ties# of 14" 50 LB ties Buy
Large Cable Tie Kit 1500 PCS/BAG CT-KIT-LARGE200 each Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, 100 Natural-200 each Black, Natural50 each Black, Natural-
Small Cable Tie Kit 600 PCS/BAG CT-KIT-SMALL100 each Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Natural-100 Natural--