Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties

BuyHeatShrink® Heat Stabilized Nylon Cable Ties

  • RoHS Compliant
  • Material: Heat Stabilized Nylon 6,6
  • Generally suitable for indoor or short-term outdoor use only
  • Colors Available: Black
  • Material Flammability Rating UL94V-2
  • Continuous use temperature: 257°F (125°C)
Length Loop Tensile Manufacturer Part NumberNominal SizeActual LengthMin Loop TensileMax bundle Diameter Buy
4" 18LB CTHS-044"4.0"18 LB0.9"
1000 PCS/BAG$22.50
100 PCS/BAG$4.00
7" 50LB CTHS-077"7.4"50 LB1.9"
1000 PCS/BAG$32.50
100 PCS/BAG$5.00
8" 120LB CTHS-08-120LB8"7.9"120 LB2.4"
100 PCS/BAG$11.25
11" 50LB CTHS-1111"11.6"50 LB3.0"
1000 PCS/BAG$75.00
100 PCS/BAG$12.25
14" 50LB CTHS-1414"14.6"50 LB4.0"
100 PCS/BAG$12.50
14" 120LB CTHS-14-120LB14"14.5"120 LB4.0"
100 PCS/BAG$16.00

Heat Stabilized Nylon 6.6 cable ties are used in continuous or extended exposure to high temperatures (up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit), whereas a basic nylon tie without heat stabilizers will experience a dramatic reduction in physical properties (i.e. tensile) when exposed to temperatures above 85°C (185°F). Unstabilized ties will become brittle and eventually crack in the application. Nylon cable ties containing specially formulated heat stabilizers provide additional thermal endurance. Heat stabilized nylons are engineered for continuous exposure to temperatures up to 257°F (125°C), which meets UL standard for electrical applications. Choose from a variety of options including nominal size, loop tensile strength and quantity. Buyheatshrink.com offers nominal sizes starting at 4” to 14”. Please note that all high temperature Nylon cable ties come in only black. 

  • Dimensions & Technical Specs

Nominal Size Actual Length Min Loop Tensile
Max bundle Diameter
18 LB
50 LB
50 LB
50 LB
8" 7.9" 120 LB 2.4"
14" 14.5" 120 LB 4.0"
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