AMTI Slice 142 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

Slice 142 Cutter

  • Precision Engineered and machined with State of the Art CNC Machining.
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and hardened tool steel construction.
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 1”-30” per second.
  • Easy loading method with adjustable guides.
  • Adjustable drive tension with three drive wheels and one tracing wheel to enhance pulling action.
  • Adjustable chute opening.
  • User friendly touch controls with numeric keypad and easy to read LCD readout.
  • Up to 99 stored standard programs with up to 30 additional “batch programs”. each “batch” program can contain up to 10 standard programs with or without pause cycle initiated.
  • Measures and cuts in your choice of inches or millimeters.
  • Accuracy is within plus or minus 1.0 millimeter
  • All air filters and regulators are included.
  • Input aperture 1.5” x 3”.
Optional Components Buy
Slice 142 Cutter
$9,700.00 CUT-142H
Die Bottom for Slice 142 Cutter
$185.00 CUT-142-DIE
Replacement blade for Slice 142 Cutter
$300.00 CUT-142-BLADE