Low Profile Cable Ties

BuyHeatShrink® Low Profile Nylon Cable Ties

Our low profile Nylon wire ties are simple to use, featuring a parallel insertion angle, where the tie is locked parallel to the cable tie body, eliminating sharp edges. Unlike traditional nylon cable ties that lock perpendicular to the tie body, thus leaving the excess material sticking straight out, our in-line ties are safe to use in playgrounds and any other areas where child safety is a concern. An added benefit is the 120 pound loop tensile strength, making these wire ties the only heavy duty cable ties in our line that are available in bright neon colors. These colored cable ties are specifically formulated to match bright colored playground foam and other child protection devices.

Length Bag Part NumberNominal SizeActual LengthMin Loop TensileMax bundle Diameter Buy
7" 1000 PCS/BAG CTLP-07-10007"7.5"50 LB2.0"
$275.00 CTLP-07-1000
14" 100 PCS/BAG CTLP-14-120LB14"14.6"120 LB4.0"
$42.00 CTLP-14-120LB