Fiberglass (300KV to 30KV)

Fiberglass  (300KV to 30KV)

Fiberglass Braided Sleeving is composed of strong fiberglass strands, woven tightly to provide a protective structure for applications where shaking can cause heavy abrasion and wear. The insulated casing of fiberglass sleeving further protects against pressure and puncture, as well as fluctuating temperature, to ensure proper cable management in high temperature appliances and equipment. The woven insulation provides a semi-pliable structure, capable of containing leaks and bursts. Fiberglass sleeving is easy to cut.

A: Use Fiberglass Braided Sleeving in high temperature applications such as, stoves, coffee makers, ovens, toasters, and small heating appliances.

A: With great flexibility, and fair expandability, fiberglass sleeving should be used to insulate wires (up to 600V insulation), irregular shapes (e.g. coil insulation on rotating equipment), and ensuring the thermal protection of insulated wires (e.g. fiberglass can thermally protect PVC jacketed wire that rests very close to a heat source).

A: Heavy Duty Abrasion Resistant Nylon Sleeves have excellent abrasion resistance, yet can be cut with ordinary scissors for enhanced ease of use. This ultra-tight woven product is highly resistant to pressure leaks and will stop a burst hose from spraying hot fluid.