FR Flame Retardant PET Braided Cable Sleeving

BuyHeatShrink® Flame Retardant PET Braided Sleeving

  • Identified by contrasting tracers in an X fashion
  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • High quality alternative to Bentley Harris Expando FR®, Alpha GRP-120, FR PET sleeving
  • Continuous use temperature of -70°C to 125°C (-103°F to 257°F)
  • Melt temperature of 230°C (446°F)
  • Expands up to three times its resting diameter
  • ROHS compliant
  • Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • Braided from 10 mil flame retardant polyethylene terepthalate (PET) monofilament yarns.
  • UL and CSA registered product, meets VW-1 and FT-1 flame tests
  • Passes FAR Part 25 flame test
  • Conforms to FMVSS 302 - Automotive Burn Test
  • Registered in the NASA database for low outgassing (under CS Technical as manufacturer)
Diameter Part NumberExpansion minExpansion Max Buy
1/8" BSFR01253/32"1/4"
2000 FT/SPOOL$200.20
100 FT/SPOOL$19.80
1/4" BSFR0251/8"3/8"
1000 FT/SPOOL$114.00
100 FT/SPOOL$27.00
3/8" BSFR03753/16"5/8"
500 FT/SPOOL$113.30
100 FT/SPOOL$40.70
1/2" BSFR0501/4"3/4"
500 FT/SPOOL$147.40
100 FT/SPOOL$51.70
3/4" BSFR0751/2"1 1/4"
250 FT/SPOOL$113.30
50 FT/SPOOL$38.50
1-1/4" BSFR1253/4"1 3/4"
250 FT/SPOOL$167.20
50 FT/SPOOL$49.50
1-1/2" BSFR1501"2 1/4"
200 FT/SPOOL$165.00
1-3/4" BSFR1751"2 3/4"
200 FT/SPOOL$173.80
2" BSFR2001 1/4"3"
200 FT/SPOOL$220.00
2-1/2" BSFR2501 1/2"4 1/2"
200 FT/SPOOL$288.20

Use Flame Retardant (FR) Polyethylene (PET) Braided Cable Sleeving for any application where heat & flame durability are leading concerns. Suitable for most electronic and high technological wire covering, our expandable sleeving is ideal for bundling jobs that call for a variable diameter to enclose multiple wires or cables. Used in conjunction with terminating Cable Ties or Heat Shrink, expandable braided sleeving accommodates uneven connectors and rigging with visually appealing efficiency. Our easy-to-install sleeving expands three times its resting diameter (3:1), ensuring professional installation of long-running wire every time.

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