Fire Jacket End Seal Wrap | Self-Fusing Non-Adhesive Silicone Tape

BuyHeatShrink® Fire Jacket End Seal Wrap

  • Applied across a wide range of insulating, repairing and sealing applications, end seal wrap is typically used to cover exposed sleeve ends
  • Tape conforms smoothly even when wrapped around rigid or complex forms. Bonding at room temperature, the tape forms into a single inseparable layer after just 24 hours.
  • Uniquely formulated, the end seal wrap not only provides a consistent transitions from hose to surface, the silicone also provides a self fusing moisture-resistant barrier.
  • Note: Our product stays non-tacky and is inherently flame retardant, thus making it an excellent alternative to a standard band clamp.
Width Feet Part Number Buy
1" 36 ft/roll BSFES-100
$25.00 BSFES-100
1-1/2" 36 ft/roll BSFES-150
$35.00 BSFES-150