Heat Shrink Hook

Heat Shrink Hook Terminal, Butt Connector

  • Sizes: #10 / #6 / #8
  • Comply with UL and RoHS standards

100% Brand new high-quality Heat Shrink Hook Terminal Connectors—Hook-style crimp-on terminal connector with heat-shrink insulation. Hook design holds the terminal in place while tightening the securing screw. Featuring high tensile strength and extreme stretch and mechanical damage resistance. High elasticity ensures steady performance. Increased current flow ensures less voltage drop. Optimized for electrical use in automotive, marine and other heavy-duty wiring. Color-coded to match wire gauges.


Size Hole/Terminal Size Buy
12-10 AWG #10
$20.65 HSCS-H-12-10-#10
Wire gauge imprint on connectors. Ideal translucent provides tensile strength & allows visual inspection. Minimum shrink temperature: 80°C. Full recovery temperature: 130°C. Operating temperature: from -55°C to 125°C
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