Bentley Harris Expando 686DM Ryton/PEEK Braided Sleeving

Expando 686DM Ryton/PEEK Braided Sleeving


  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • Continuous use temperature of -70°C to 200°C (-103°F to 392°F)
  • Patented Dual monofilament construction for a exceptional abrasion resistance in a wide variety of applications.
  • Constructed from 0.008" PPS and 0.011" PEEK monofilaments.
  • Melt temperature of PPS is 285°C (545°F) and melt temp of PEEK is 334C (633°F)
  • Expands up to three times its resting diameter
  • Halogen Free, ROHS compliant
  • Self Extinguising
  • Resists Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Hydraulic Fluid, lube oil, de-ice fluid, salt water, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • UL VW-1 and FAR Part 25 flame rated
  • Low smoke generation and low outgassing
  • Sold in Black and Natural (Tan).
Diameter Part NumberExpansion minExpansion Max Buy
1/8" BSBH-686DM-1-83/32"1/4"
$1,292.00 BSBH-686DM-1-8
1/4" BSBH-686DM-1-41/8"3/8"
$1,045.00 BSBH-686DM-1-4
3/8" BSBH-686DM-3-83/16"5/8"
$801.00 BSBH-686DM-3-8
1/2" BSBH-686DM-1-21/4"3/4"
$1,177.00 BSBH-686DM-1-2
3/4" BSBH-686DM-3-41/2"1 1/4"
$1,701.00 BSBH-686DM-3-4
1-1/4" BSBH-686DM-1-1-43/4"1 3/4"
$1,209.00 BSBH-686DM-1-1-4
1-3/4" BSBH-686DM-1-3-41"2 3/4"
$1,765.00 BSBH-686DM-1-3-4
2" BSBH-686DM-21 1/4"3"
$1,777.00 BSBH-686DM-2
2-1/2" BSBH-686DM-2-1-21 1/2"4 1/2"
$2,070.00 BSBH-686DM-2-1-2

Expando 686DM

Patented dual monofilament sleeving product that provides improved temperature resistance and better abraision resistance than basic Ryton (PPS) braids. Sleeve is made up of a mixture of polyphenylene Sulfide (PPS) polyether-ether Ketone (PEEK) strands. The PEEK monofilaments are 20% wider than the PPS monofilaments, providing for a tougher sleeve abrasive environments.
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