Doorway Cart


  • Front Door Access: Allowing you to reach in and easily take your items out of he cart instead of bending over and straining while emptying your cart
  • Shelf Attaches to Inside Cart: Which detaches from the back of cart allowing you to better organize your items placed inside the cart 
  • Shelf Attaches to Bottom of Cart: Which transforms your Doorway Cart into a hand truck helping you transport tougher-to-move items 
  • This shopping cart is fold-able and therefor easy to store! It has an easy to use light weight design.

Technical Details

  • Brand Name: Vertex
  • Item Weight: 15.7 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 42 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: DW 
  • ASIN: B07X4Y41YJ 
  • Shipping Weight: 19.84 pounds

The Doorway Cart is without a doubt the most unique and versatile folding utility cart to come to market in quite some time. With the help of the patented Doorway Cart Door Clip, not only can you now open and close the front panel of the cart giving you full access to the inside of the cart, but the addition of the detachable shelf located on the back of the cart acts as both a dividing shelf when placed on the side rungs of the cart and as an extending piece when attached to the bottom of the cart which transforms the cart into a hand-truck.

With the capability of the front panel acting as a door, the door can swing both outside and inside the cart giving you full access to the inside of the cart offering various utilities.

First, with items that may be too heavy to lift up and over the cage of a standard cart, simply open the door to the Doorway Cart and both place and remove the heavy items without straining your back and with the greatest ease.

Second, with the help of the shelf that is attached to the back of the cart, you can attach the shelf to the side rungs of the cart to either organize and space items apart from one another or use the shelf to create a different sized cart depending upon how many items at the time you are transporting.

And lastly, the shelf attaches to the bottom of the cart extending beyond the floor of the cart and when you swing the door all the way to the inside, the cart transforms into your very own hand-truck.

This medium/large sized but yet lightweight folding utility cart has multipurpose capabilities that can be used by a wide range of customers. If you are living in an urban environment, the Doorway Cart will allow you to best organize whatever items you are carrying and not have to break your back when taking the items out of the cart. Also, if you are lugging your laundry, just open the door to either put in or pull out your laundry bag instead of struggling to lift your heavy bag