Industrial Grade Fire Retardant Tape

BuyHeatShrink® Industrial Grade Fire Retardant Tape


  • Provides fire and smoke protection in construction and perimeter joints
  • Permanent adhesion to drywall
  • Works as acoustic barrier by minimizing noise transfer
  • Broad temperature range when applying
  • High tack adhesive sticks to many common building materials
  • Easy mudless application with no cleanup or additional preparation
  • Saves installation time over conventional taping methods
Width Part Number Buy
1" BSFT-100
$240.00 BSFT-100
2" BSFT-200
$435.00 BSFT-200
3" BSFT-300
$550.00 BSFT-300
4" BSFT-400
$720.00 BSFT-400
5" BSFT-500
$895.00 BSFT-500
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