Metal Detectable Cable Ties

Metal-Detectable Cable Ties | X-ray Ties

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Product Description:

Use Metal Detectable Cable Ties to prevent contamination of goods intended for consumption. Ideal for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries, our durable cable ties are laden with trace amounts of metal that allow them to be detected by safety scanners. Secure and organize your product effectively with cable ties while ensuring rigorous safety standards to prevent harmful liability and recall of contaminated product. Metal-Detectable Cable Ties are modeled to be detectable by X-ray scanning equipment, and are only available in one color, making them easy to identify for their intended use.

Length Loop Tensile Part NumberLengthLoop Tensile Buy
4" 18LB CT-MD-044"18LB
1000 PCS/BAG $130.00
100 PCS/BAG $15.00
7" 50LB CT-MD-07-507"50LB
1000 PCS/BAG $210.00
100 PCS/BAG $22.50
8" 40LB CT-MD-08-408"40LB
1000 PCS/BAG $230.00
100 PCS/BAG $23.00
11" 50LB CT-MD-1111"50LB
100 PCS/BAG $28.00
14" 50LB CT-MD-1414"50LB
100 PCS/BAG $105.00
100 PCS/BAG $45.00
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