Nu-Tech Heat Shrink Wrap Sleeve Kit

Heat shrink wrap sleeve kit


  • Excellent cut through and abrasion resistance
  • High quality superior Crosslinked Polyolefin
  • Continuous use temperature of -55°C to 135°C
  • Flame Retardant (Rated Non-Burning)
  • shrinks down as much as 10 times its as supplied diameter (Up to 10:1 Ratio)
  • NAFTA, ROHS & ELV compliant
  • UV resistant color Carbon Black
  • Resists Gasoline, Engine Chemicals & Cleaning Solvents
  • -55C Low Temperature Flexibility (ASTM D-2671 C)
  • Registered in the NASA database Cage Code 1UGZ7

Width Part NumberSupplied LengthMax Suggested DiameterTypeNuTech PNWall thickness as suppliedWall thickness after shrinkingLength after shrinking Buy
2.3" HSW-2.3-33"0.5SmoothNUWS.750.08"0.16"1"
3" HSW-3-2.32.3"0.375SmoothNUWS-80X0250.04"0.13"2.0"
4.3" HSW-4.3-44"1SmoothNUWS-137X0500.04"0.13"3.5"
5" HSW-5-1212"3SmoothNUWS-380X1500.05"0.17"4.0"
6.5" HSW-6.5-3.753.75"0.75SmoothNUWS-200X0750.05"0.15"5.5"
9" HSW-9-1111"2.5RibbedNUWS-3.000.05"0.16"7.0"
10.5" HSW-10.5-1919"4.5RibbedNUWS-6.000.08"0.19"8.5"
10.75" HSW-10.75-6.56.5"1.4RibbedNUWS-2.000.05"0.16"9.5"
11" HSW-11-66"1.3RibbedNUWS-1.500.05"0.16"10"