Cold Weather Cable Ties (100 pcs/bag) - Black

Cold Weather Cable Ties

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Our newest cold-weather zip ties are the most durable, long-lasting cable ties for severe cold temperature applications available. They have been tested for performance at -20°C (-4°F) and perform consistently over time. Cold Weather Ties are designed to function in extreme environmental conditions. These Cold Weather Ties are also designed for extended UV protection and improved flexibility.

Length Tensile StrengthBundle DiameterLength (inch)ThicknessWidth Buy
7" 50 lbs.1.8757.56.052.180
$4.50 CT-CW-07
11" 50 lbs.3.0611.25.052.180
$7.25 CT-CW-11
14" 50 lbs.4.0014.25.052.180
$9.15 CT-CW-14