3:1 Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing | 4 Ft

BuyHeatShrink® 3:1 Medium Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 

  • 3:1 Shrink Ratio with melt adhesive inner lining (shrinks to 1/3 its original diameter)
  • Longitudinal Shrinkage: up to 10%
  • Meets requirements of AMS-DTL-23053/15 (formerly MIL-I-23053/15), Class 2
  • UL 224 VW-1 flame retardant (jacket only)
  • Maximum Continuous use temperature 110°C
  • Shrink Temperature of 120°C and operating temperature of -55°C to + 110°C
  • Crosses to: Canusa CFM, 3M IMCSN, 3M MDT, Tyco Raychem RMW, LG PMWT
  • Typical applications include: Electrical insulation - Ideal for exposed or underground applications providing good insulation, waterproofing and mechanical protection. Also suitable for Mechanical and abrasion protection, Physical/Electrical Protection of Components, Strain Relief, and Solder Insulation.
Diameter Mil Specification #Manufacturer Part #ID Before ShrinkMax ID after shrinkingWall After Shrink (jacket)Wall After Shrink(adhesive) BUY (4ft Length)
3/8" AMS-DTL-23053/15-201HS3AM-03750.394"0.118"0.039"0.01"
$6.67 HS3AM-0375
5/8" -HS3AM-06250.630"0.197"0.055"0.012"
$7.60 HS3AM-0625
1" -HS3AM-1000.984"0.315"0.079"0.014"
$10.13 HS3AM-100
1.3" AMS-DTL-23053/15-203HS3AM-13751.378"0.372"0.079"0.014"
$12.18 HS3AM-1375
1.5" AMS-DTL-23053/15-205HS3AM-1501.50"0.5"0.1"0.02"
$15.50 HS3AM-150
2" AMS-DTL-23053/15-208HS3AM-2001.969"0.63"0.079"0.014"
$16.60 HS3AM-200
2.5" -HS3AM-2502.480"0.748"0.095"0.016"
$19.22 HS3AM-250
3" -HS3AM-3002.953"0.866"0.106"0.016"
$19.53 HS3AM-300
3.35" -HS3AM-3353.346"0.984"0.11"0.016"
$24.84 HS3AM-335
3.75" -HS3AM-3753.740"1.142"0.122"0.018"
$27.76 HS3AM-375
4.5" -HS3AM-4504.528"1.339"0.122"0.018"
$31.98 HS3AM-450
5.5" -HS3AM-5505.512"1.654"0.122"0.018"
$35.51 HS3AM-550

Use 3:1 medium wall adhesive lined heat shrinkable tubing for direct burial of heavy duty electrical cable, where environmental protection is necessary. Tubing is supplied with an adhesive layer, adding a water tight seal to the strain relief the tubing provides. When exposed to heat (usually a bit lower than the activation temperature of the heat shrink), the inner layer begins to flow (just like a hot melt glue). When the tubing shrinks and cools down, the inner layer forms an adhesion layer between the tubing and the component or wire. This provides a watertight seal, protecting the connector and/or wire in direct burial and submersed applications. Crosses to: Canusa CFM, 3M IMCSN, 3M MDT, Tyco Raychem RMW, LG PMWT

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