Polyethylene Slit Corrugated Loom PET Tubing | Slit Loom

  • Corrugated wire loom is a cost effective product that manages unruly cables and wires while providing excellent coverage and protection.  
  • Our high-quality polyethylene (PET) tubing with corrugated ridges provides cables and wires with a degree of protection from light foot traffic, while providing the aesthetically pleasing effects of cable management.  
  • Slit Wire Loom is made from high-quality polyethylene material to provide a durable yet flexible product with great abrasion, impact and temperature resistance, for use in a wide range of general purpose applications. 
  • This split wire loom is the perfect alternative to braided sleeving and spiral wrap when ease of installation and full coverage protection are essential. 
  • Pre-slit for quick and easy installation over new or preexisting cables by hand or with a convenient, simple-to-use wire loom installation tool.
Diameter Buy
3200 FT/BOX$450.00
100 FT/COIL$65.00
1900 FT/BOX$480.00
1100 FT/BOX$375.00
100 FT/COIL$70.00
800 FT/BOX$390.00
100 FT/COIL$75.00
550 FT/BOX$343.00
100 FT/COIL$110.00
300 FT/BOX$300.00
100 FT/COIL$150.00