CAB squix 4/600 and 4 300 M Printer

The cab SQUIX 4 M label printer is reliable, prints quickly due to its powerful processor, and comes in a convenient and compact design. 

Best of all, it includes your choice of printer cutter. Choose from a cutter with a tray that holds up to 50 labels or a perforation cutter to separate continuous materials like shrink tubing or textile tape.

This thermal transfer printer is a great replacement for Datamax printers  I-4212E and  I-4310E. 


  • While many label printers require pre-flattened tubing, the SQUIX 4 M has the ability to print on round tubing
  • Thermal transfer printer ideal for small labels or thin, continuous materials like shrink tubes
  • Material guide ensures accurate print images
  • Operation panel with self-explanatory symbols for easy operation
  • Centered material guidance facilitates precise printing on any material wound on rolls, reels, or fanfolds
  • Print mechanics and chassis made of high-quality materials 
  • Printable resolution of up to 600 dpi
  • 256 RAM memory
  • 32bit 800Mhz processor
  • USB 2.0 high-speed device to connect PC
  • USB host on operation panel and two USB hosts on back of device
  • Slot for SD memory card - up to 512 GB
Printer Cutter Options Buy
600 DPI CU400 cutter with tray
$3,628.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-600M-CUT400
$3,975.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-600M-CUT400P
600 DPI CSQ402 cutter
$3,863.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-600M-CSQ402
300 DPI CU400 cutter with tray
$4,463.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-300M-CUT400
$3,645.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-300M-CUT400P
300 DPI CSQ402 cutter
$3,533.00 K-CAB-SQUIX-4-300M-CSQ402