Heat Shrink Nyax Butt Connector (100/bag)

Heat Shrink Nyax Butt Connector, Wire Terminal

  • 22-18 AWG (Red) /16-14 AWG (Blue) /12-10 AWG (Yellow)
  • Shrink ratio 2:1
  • Minimum recommended shrink temperature: 80°C / 176°F
  • Minimum recommended solder melting temperature: 138°C / 280.4°F
  • No wire damage due to low shrink temperature
  • Best shrink temperatures: 125°C - 130°C / 257°F - 266°F

Create quick and secure connections for wires with Heat Shrink Nyax Butt Connectors. Our Heat Shrink Nyax Butt Terminals are made to withstand harsh environments—these terminals feature a heat shrink connection that also has an internal sealant. After crimping the terminal onto the wire, simply apply heat to seal this wire crimp connector. Heat shrink insulation protects the life of your connection for a durable seal.


Size Terminal type Buy
22-18 AWG Long
$32.93 HSCS-NY-L-22-18
22-18 AWG Standard
$31.98 HSCS-NY-22-18
16-14 AWG Standard
$33.74 HSCS-NY-16-14
12-10 AWG Standard
$54.98 HSCS-NY-12-10
12-10 AWG Long
$61.15 HSCS-NY-L-12-10