Heat Shrink Butt Ratchet Crimper


Heat Shrink Butt Connector Ratchet Crimper

  • Ratchet action makes an easy job of crimping 8 - 22 gauge wire
  • Length: 9 inches overall
  • Insulated handles

This ratchet-controlled Crimper reliably attaches butt connectors on insulated wire gauges sized 8 - 22. Firm, even pressure crimps connectors securely, without risk of cutting or damaging the wire, clamp or heat-shrink insulation. Four color-coded crimp zones, comfortable handles. Priced right, too. Ideal crimper for heat shrink terminals, automotive wire crimping, & general crimping of insulated terminals.

Heat Shrink Butt Connectors Ratchet Crimper is 1.2 lbs in weight, with padded handgrips. Crimp action is tuned to gauge size 8 - 22 AWG. Length of crimper is 9’’ total.