Electro Link QC

Electro Link MQC

Get enhanced insulation and life out of your wire connection with Electro Link FQC Terminals. Our FQC Terminals make it easy to replace parts and circuits with a reliable wire connection. Our dual-wall heat shrink cover fully insulates every assembled connection, helping protect from shorts, vibration, corrosion, moisture and more. Heat Shrink Connectors also provide strain relief—Heat activated adhesive further strengthens the bond. Prevent wiring failures and reduce equipment downtime by choosing our certified electrical connectors.


Size gender Type SKUheat shrink lengthheat shrink id Buy
22-18 AWG female Standard SS-FQC-22-180.8750.165
$36.67 SS-FQC-22-18
22-18 AWG female Fully Insulated SS-FQC-FI-22-180.8750.165
$39.64 SS-FQC-FI-22-18
22-18 AWG male Standard SS-MQC-22-180.8750.165
$32.45 SS-MQC-22-18
16-14 AWG female Standard SS-FQC-16-140.8750.196
$36.67 SS-FQC-16-14
16-14 AWG female Fully Insulated SS-FQC-FI-16-140.8750.196
$39.64 SS-FQC-FI-16-14
16-14 AWG male Standard SS-MQC-16-140.8750.196
$32.45 SS-MQC-16-14
12-10 AWG female Standard SS-FQC-12-100.8750.25
$39.64 SS-FQC-12-10
12-10 AWG female Fully Insulated SS-FQC-FI-12-100.8750.25
$43.82 SS-FQC-FI-12-10
12-10 AWG male Standard SS-MQC-12-100.8750.25
$35.42 SS-MQC-12-10