3 Inch Write-On Sidewinder Cable ID Flag Ties | 100 Pack


BuyHeatShrink® Sidewinder Write-On Flag Ties

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  • Sidewinder tag cable ties can be the perfect solution to situations where there is minimal space but a strong need for differentiating between different wires, pipes, cables etc.
  • These cable ties are only 3” long with the permanently attached label located lengthwise on the product. 
  • UV stabilized for both you indoor and outdoor needs.
  • The sidewinder cable tags have a generous epoxy-based writing space that can be written on with a permanent marker.
  • Another option is placing a sticker over this label space.
  • Make identification even easier because they also come in many colors including yellow, orange, red, green, and blue.
  • Secure dual tang lock, resistant to the elements allowing them to last the life of the cable/wire drop.
  • Can be used with both single and dual cable and will not slide off or spin around.
  • For added ease of use they also come in strips of five.
Length Bag Buy
3" 100 PCS/BAG
$30.00 CTSW03