Heat Shrink Butt Connector Crimp Splices

Heat Shrink Crimp Splices for 26-8 AWG wire


The heat shrink butt splice is an irradiated thermally stabilized heat shrinkable dual wall sleeving composed of an outer tube coated on the inner surface with a meltable polyamide adhesive.

Simply put: it's a piece of dual wall heat shrink with a crimp splice inside of it. You crimp the two pieces of wire together, and then heat the splice with a hot air gun so that the outer sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts and flows to give a fully sealed water tight joint. 

The butt splice is resistant to water, spray, oil, saltwater and most hazardous chemicals.

Wire Range Wire size range (AWG) Current RatingColorLengthTerm I.D.Insulator Bell I.D.Material Thickness Buy
8 AWG 8-Red1.880.1770.330.050
100 PCS/BAG$137.84
12-10 AWG 12-1049Yellow1.700.1420.270.038
200 PCS/BAG$100.00
25 PCS/BAG$35.00
16-14 AWG 16-1427Blue1.500.0970.220.032
200 PCS/BAG$75.00
25 PCS/BAG$25.00
22-18 AWG 22-1819Red1.500.0720.180.030
200 PCS/BAG$60.00
25 PCS/BAG$20.00
26-22 AWG 26-2249Yellow
100 PCS/BAG$34.15