Heat Shrink Block Spade

Heat Shrink Block Spade Terminal, Butt Connector


  • 100% Brand new high-quality Heat Shrink Terminal Connectors
  • High tensile strength, extreme stretch, and mechanical damage resistance
  • High elasticity ensures steady performance
  • Increased current flow ensures less voltage drop
  • Optimized for electrical use in automotive, marine and other heavy-duty wiring
  • Color-coded to match wire gauges
  • Comply with UL and RoHS standards

Heat Shrink Block Spade Terminal Connectors make it easy to replace parts and circuits with the most reliable wire crimp connection possible. Spade-style crimp terminal connector allows you to slip connector under attachment screw in tight spots, or where screw can't be removed. Our dual-wall heat shrink cover fully insulates every assembled connection, helping protect from shorts, vibration, corrosion, moisture and more. Heat Shrink Connectors also provide strain relief—Heat activated adhesive further strengthens the bond. Prevent wiring failures and reduce equipment downtime by choosing our certified electrical connectors.

Size Hole/Terminal Size SKUheat shrink lengthheat shrink id Buy
22-18 AWG #10 HSCS-S-B-22-180.8750.1650.19
$18.59 HSCS-S-B-22-18-#10
22-18 AWG #6 HSCS-S-B-22-180.8750.1650.138
$19.63 HSCS-S-B-22-18-#6
22-18 AWG #8 HSCS-S-B-22-180.8750.1650.164
$19.68 HSCS-S-B-22-18-#8
22-18 AWG #8 Slim HSCS-S-B-22-18 L0.8750.1650.164
$19.68 HSCS-S-B-22-18-#8SL
16-14 AWG #10 HSCS-S-B-16-140.8750.1960.19
$20.73 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#10
16-14 AWG #4 HSCS-S-B-16-140.8750.1960.112
$20.63 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#4
16-14 AWG #6 HSCS-S-B-16-140.8750.1960.138
$20.63 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#6
16-14 AWG #6 Wide HSCS-S-B-16-14 W0.8750.1960.138
$20.63 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#6W
16-14 AWG #8 HSCS-S-B-16-140.8750.1960.164
$20.76 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#8
16-14 AWG #8 Slim HSCS-S-B-16-14 L0.8750.1960.164
$20.76 HSCS-S-B-16-14-#8SL
12-10 AWG #10 HSCS-S-B-12-100.8750.250.19
$30.53 HSCS-S-B-12-10-#10
12-10 AWG #6 HSCS-S-B-12-100.8750.250.138
$30.57 HSCS-S-B-12-10-#6
12-10 AWG #8 HSCS-S-B-12-100.8750.250.164
$30.71 HSCS-S-B-12-10-#8