Nylon Cable Ties

Nylon cable ties are the most common type of cable tie on the market. These traditional cable ties are used to bundle, manage, and conceal wiring and cables in a variety of settings. From industrial to personal use, nylon cable ties are the preferred option for simple and fast cable management.

Nylon cable ties are used to bundle and manage cables and wires. Nylon cable ties often function like straps, and provide a flexible, easy, and quick way to manage cables both inside and outdoors.

Some benefits of nylon cable ties include: Flexible design, Curved tips for easy installation, Low threading force, High tensile strength

To remove nylon cable ties, simply cut the middle of the tie with scissors or a knife. If you don’t want to damage the tie or suffer electrical damage, simply (1) pull the tie back, (2) place your fingernail, nail file, or other thin and metallic object between the teeth and “pawl” of the tie, and (3) slowly pull the tie back through the hole.