Non Slip Grip Heat Shrink Tubing 2:1 Ratio

Most of the time when hand grips on tools or household items are worn down or need replacing, they get thrown away. Textured heat shrink allows you to save money since you won't need to buy new items every time!

This type of polyolefin heat shrink tubing will conform smoothly to the shape of almost any item with heating from a heat gun. Textured heat shrink tubing will also stop the item from slipping out of your hand, be it a cable on the ground or a variety of applications. This textured material can even help prevent accidents as people are less likely to slip if they walk on the textured heat shrink!

Even if the grip material is intact, since our textured grip heat shrink comes in multiple colors ( such as Black, Blue, Green, Red, or Yellow), you can better organize your equipment. This material can also be purchased in five sizes to better serve your needs: 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 35mm, and 50mm. All sizes are sold in one one-meter or 4-foot lengths.

100 % of 100
Diameter Piece Part NumberBefore ShrinkingAfter shrinking Buy
0.59" 3.28 FT/PIECE HSGRP-150.563"0.315"
$5.00 HSGRP-15
0.787 3.28 FT/PIECE HSGRP-200.787"0.433"
$5.50 HSGRP-20
1" 4 FT/PIECE HSGRP-250.98"0.57"
$7.00 HSGRP-25
28mm 5 FT/PIECE HSGRP-28-FISH1.1"0.55"
$8.00 HSGRP-28-FISH
1.375" 3.28 FT/PIECE HSGRP-351.37"0.78"
$12.50 HSGRP-35
2" 3.28 FT/PIECE HSGRP-501.97"1.1"
$25.00 HSGRP-50