Heat Shrink Butt Connector Crimp Splices

Heat Shrink Crimp Splices for 26-8 AWG wire


The heat shrink butt splice is an irradiated thermally stabilized heat shrinkable dual wall sleeving composed of an outer tube coated on the inner surface with a meltable polyamide adhesive.

Simply put: it's a piece of dual wall heat shrink with a crimp splice inside of it. You crimp the two pieces of wire together, and then heat the splice with a hot air gun so that the outer sleeve shrinks and the adhesive melts and flows to give a fully sealed water tight joint. 

The butt splice is resistant to water, spray, oil, saltwater and most hazardous chemicals.

Wire Range Wire size range (AWG) Current RatingColor Buy
8 AWG 8-Red
100 PCS/BAG$137.84
12-10 AWG 12-1049Yellow
200 PCS/BAG$100.00
25 PCS/BAG$35.00
16-14 AWG 16-1427Blue
200 PCS/BAG$75.00
25 PCS/BAG$25.00
22-18 AWG 22-1819Red
200 PCS/BAG$60.00
25 PCS/BAG$20.00
26-22 AWG 26-2249Yellow
100 PCS/BAG$34.15