Polyethylene Corrugated Slit Loom PET Tubing| Split Wire Loom Tubing 

Polyethylene Slit Corrugated Loom PET Tubing


Split Loom

With its smooth, continuous appearance and sleek design Split loom is the perfect way to hide unsightly wires. You can install it in any application - small or large!

Corrugated wire loom is an excellent product that manages unruly cables and wires while providing great coverage. This Split Wire Loom has high-quality polyethylene material to provide durable yet flexible protection with ease of installation, for use in a wide range general purpose applications where full coverings are essential such as those found within data centers or server rooms which house valuable assets from lighting systems ( bulbs ) water pipes. This split sleeving offers all these benefits combined plus more - it can be easily applied without any risk whatsoever due directly because there's no string attached .


  • Corrugated wire loom is a cost effective product that manages unruly cables and wires while providing excellent coverage and protection.  
  • Our high-quality polyethylene (PET) tubing with corrugated ridges provides cables and wires with a degree of protection from light foot traffic, while providing the aesthetically pleasing effects of cable management.  
  • Slit Wire Loom is made from high-quality polyethylene material to provide a durable yet flexible product with great abrasion, impact and temperature resistance, for use in a wide range of general purpose applications. 
  • This split wire loom is the perfect alternative to braided sleeving and spiral wrap when ease of installation and full coverage protection are essential. 
  • Pre-slit for quick and easy installation over new or preexisting cables by hand or with a convenient, simple-to-use wire loom installation tool.
Diameter Buy
3200 FT/BOX $450.00
100 FT/COIL $65.00
1900 FT/BOX $480.00
1100 FT/BOX $375.00
100 FT/COIL $70.00
800 FT/BOX $390.00
100 FT/COIL $75.00
550 FT/BOX $343.00
100 FT/COIL $110.00
300 FT/BOX $300.00
100 FT/COIL $150.00