Header Pet Waste Bags Unscented - HOUNDSCOOP COMMERCIAL



  • Available in quantities of 800 and 3200 pet waste bags
  • Free shipping
  • Ideal for commercial areas such as parks, HOA, airports, and more
  • Use with header style dog waste station dispensers
  • Unscented and hypoallergenic
  • Pet waste bags on header - bag has pull strap on it so you can only pull out one at a time
  • Oversized at 9.25” x 15.25” - large dog poop bags for bigger messes and large dogs
  • Earth friendly - there’s less plastic going into the landfill with these quality bags, so you won’t need to double bag ever again
  • Leak proof - no tear and heavy gauge material
Bag Buy
800 (8 packs of 100 bags)
$37.99 HS-HB-800
3200 (32 packs of 100 bags)
$99.99 HS-HB-3200