Dunbar 3635W Mil-Spec QPL Approved AS23053/4 3:1 Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing

Dunbar® 3635W Mil-Spec Approved 3:1 Thin Wall Adhesive Lined Heat Shrink Tubing 

  • 3:1 Shrink Ratio with melt adhesive inner lining (shrinks to 1/3 its original diameter)
  • Up to 15% longitudinal shrinkage
  • SAE AS23053/4 Class 3 (formerly AMS-DTL-23053/4)
  • UL224 VW-1 Certified (Jacket only select colors.  Inquire with us for file information)
  • CSA OFT approved
  • Maximum use temperature 135°C
  • Shrink Temperature of 90°C and operating temperature of -55°C to + 110°C
  • Crosses to:Sumitomo W3B2, Raychem ATUM, Alpha FIT-321, 3M EPS-300, Canusa CPA-100 ,LG GSHS-3635W
  • Typical applications include: Insulation, Wire Identification, Wire Bundling, Mechanical Protection, Color Coding, Lightweight Harnessing, Physical/Electrical Protection of Components, Strain Relief, and Solder Insulation
  • NOTE – This is a QPL (Qualified Products List) Approved product which not only meets the requirements of what’s formerly known as AMS-DTL-23053/5, but it is certified to the new SAE AS23053/5 Standard. 

    Find a lower cost 3:1 Adhesive heat shrink product that also meets, but is not certified to this standard. 

Diameter Mil Specification #ID Before ShrinkMax ID after shrinkingWall After Shrink(Total)Wall After Shrink(Adhesive) Buy
1/8" AS23053/4-301 0.120" .040" 0.04" 0.013
500 FT/SPOOL$573.10
4 FT/PIECE$4.58
3/16" AS23053/4-0188 0.180" .060" 0.04" 0.017"
250 FT/SPOOL$573.10
4 FT/PIECE$4.86
1/4" AS23053/4-3020.240".080"0.04"0.02"
250 FT/SPOOL$364.10
4 FT/PIECE$5.83
3/8" AS23053/4-03750.360".120"0.05"0.022"
200 FT/SPOOL$358.60
4 FT/PIECE$7.17
1/2" AS23053/4-3030.470".160"0.06"0.027"
100 FT/SPOOL$229.02
4 FT/PIECE$9.16
3/4" AS23053/4-0750.750".250"0.08"0.037"
4 FT/PIECE$15.29
1" AS23053/4-3040.940".320"0.087"0.037"
4 FT/PIECE$18.32
1-1/2" AS23053/4-3051.570".440"0.09"0.037"
4 FT/PIECE$25.00
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