AMTI Slice 135 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

Slice 135 Heat Shrink Tubing Cutter

  • Precision Engineered and machined with State of the Art CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining.
  • Aluminum, stainless steel and hardened tool steel construction
  • Simple changover procedure allows you to switch products and/or speeds in seconds.
  • Adjustable cutting speed from 1”-30 inches per second
  • Easy to load product utilizing adjustable, triple-roller guide wheels.
  • Spring Loaded drive tension with one drive wheel and one idler wheel to enhance pulling action.
  • Polyurethane coated wheels so your tubing doesn't get scratched..
  • User friendly touch controls with numeric keypad and easy to read LCD readout
  • Up to 99 stored standard programs with up to 30 additional “batch programs”. each “batch” program can contain up to 10 standard programs.
  • User selected units of either inches or millimeters
  • Accuracy is within +/- 1.0 millimeter
  • All air filters and regulators are included
  • ¼” X 3” opening aperture.
  • Stainless Steel wheels available in lieu of Poly wheels at no extra cost.
Optional Components Buy
Slice 135 Cutter (Standard cut tolerance)
$10,750.00 CUT-135
Replacement Blade for Slice 135
$299.50 CUT-135-BLADE
Replacement Die Bottom for Slice 135
$135.00 CUT-135-DIE
HEDS-5500 E06 OPTICAL ENCODER for Slice 135
$149.90 CUT-135-EL3090
Extension Arms (for 24" spools) for Slice 135
$95.00 CUT-135-EXT
Reel Mount, Machined and Painted
$67.60 CUT-135-MFB1422
MFB2483 Poly Drive Wheel For Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB2483
MFB3185 Urethane Drive Wheel for Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB3185
MFB3312 Poly Idler Wheel For Slice 135
$250.00 CUT-135-MFB3312
MULTICUT Reel System and Throuat Guid for 5 ends
$1,075.00 CUT-135-MULTI
STEP MOTOR ASSEMBLY SST58D5820 for Slice 135
$413.60 CUT-135-SA4119
SUP1598 (Roller bearing FOR SLICE 135)
$29.00 CUT-135-SUP1598
Throat Guid assembly for Slice 135
$475.00 CUT-135-THROAT
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