Stainless Steel Cable Ties | Heavy Duty

Stainless Steel Cable Ties

  • Low profile
  • Self-locking ball bearing head mechanism
  • Fully adjustable strap provides quick and easy installation using hand tool
  • Fully enclosed head does not allow dirt or grit to interfere with locking mechanism
  • High tensile strength adds strength and safety on heavy duty applications
  • Smooth rounded edges ensure safe, efficient handling
  • Temperature Range -112°F (-80°C) to 1000°F (538°C)
  • Useful in extreme temperature environments
  • Flame retardant and non-toxic 
Length Part NumberNominal SizeActual LengthMax bundle DiameterWidth Buy (100 ties/bag)
5" CTSS-05-150LB5"5.11"1"0.187"
$37.00 CTSS-05-150LB
8" CTSS-08-150LB8"7.87"2"0.187"
$46.00 CTSS-08-150LB
11" CTSS-11-150LB11"11.81"2.7"0.187"
$50.00 CTSS-11-150LB
15" CTSS-15-150LB15"14.56"5"0.187"
$55.00 CTSS-15-150LB
21" CTSS-21-101LB21"20.47"6"0.187"
$60.00 CTSS-21-101LB
27" CTSS-27-150LB27"26.77"8"0.187"
$65.00 CTSS-27-150LB
33" CTSS-33-150LB33"33.07"10" 0.187"
$75.00 CTSS-33-150LB

Our self-locking stainless steel cable ties are simple to use, have very high loop tensile strength (150 pounds), and since they're made from 304 Stainless Steel, are perfect for use in harsh chemical environments. These stainless steel cable ties are ideal for bundling and securing a wide variety of cables and wires in not only harsh environments, but extreme temperature as well. Stainless steel cable ties work great with industrial projects where standard cable ties are simply not sufficient. These cable ties can be installed indoors, outdoors and even underground. The unique ball locking mechanism on these cable ties are extremely durable yet can be installed easily and quickly. To use, insert the tail into the buckle and the locking ball will roll freely as the cable tie is tightened. Be sure to take a look at our Stainless Steel Cable Tie tool, which helps with tensioning and cutting the stainless steel.

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