Adjustable Tension Cable Tie Gun

Cable Tie Installation Tools

Zip tie guns like the Eclipse CP-385 are a recommended installation tool for nylon and metal cable ties for adjusting tension, installation and as a zip tie cutter.  
Choose from our variety of wire tie cutters:

Plastic Cable Tie Tensioning tool (TG-100) for 18 LB Cable Ties

  • Basic low cost plastic cable tie gun for light cable ties. 

Eclipse CP-382 Cable Tie Gun| 18-50 lbs.| Adjustable Tension

  • A light metal tool for 18-50 LB nylon ties features automatic cut-off and adjustable tensioning for dependable use in assembly applications.

Heavy Duty Metal Cable Tie Install tool

  • Heavy Duty tool for 120 - 250 LB ties features blade cutoff for single-hand use.

8" Stainless Steel Cable Tie Tool

Cable Tie Gun Features:

  • Designed to install both heavy and light duty nylon cable ties.
  • Adjustable to allow the user to modify the tool for the tie size.
  • Cable Tie Tensioning too for perfect tension adjustment 
  • Cutting lever design
  • Cable ties thickness 3mm and width 12mm
  • Blade is medium grade steel
  • Flush cutting- Lead free 
  • RoHS compliant


Tool Construction Buy
Plastic - 18 LB
$9.00 CT-TOOL-P
Metal - 18-50 LB
Heavy Duty -120-250 LB
$30.00 CT-TOOL-HD
Stainless Steel - for Stainless Steel Ties
$55.00 CT-TOOL-SS