Bentley Harris ST1250 Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

Bentley Harris ST1250 Fiberglass Braided Sleeving


  • Made from highly flexible continuous filament E Glass.
  • Heat treated to removed starches, oils and other impurities that naturally occur in glass.
  • Thermal Characteristics - UL Thermal Class S&C (240°C+) (this is the maximum thermal class UL and NEMA will allow for fiberglass products) - Maintains 1/2 its strength at temperatures up to 750°C. Some degree of protection up to the melting point of glass (1400°C).
  • Flame Resistance - Passes UL 1441 (VW-1). Will not burn. NEMA TF-2 flame retardant
  • Available in NEMA sizes #24 (AWG) to 1".
  • Standard Wall (ST) thickness is 0.015" (1/64"). Heavy Wall (ST-1250) thickness is 0.030" (1/32")
  • Dielectric Grade C-3: Standard Wall (ST) provides up to 300V space factor insulation (although no dielectric breakdown is guaranteed). Heavy Wall (ST-1250) provides 600V (also, no dielectric is guaranteed).
  • High quality equivalent to: Alpha PIF-240, Ben-Har ST, Ben-Har ST 1250, Varglas Non-Fray Type H, Hilec 210C, Hilec 220C (Heavy Wall)
Size Feet Manufacturer Part NumberAWG Size ID Buy
16 AWG 1000 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-016160.053
$189.00 BSBH-ST1250-016
14 AWG 1000 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-014140.066
$200.00 BSBH-ST1250-014
13 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-013130.076
$106.00 BSBH-ST1250-013
12 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-012120.085
$108.00 BSBH-ST1250-012
11 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-011110.095
$119.00 BSBH-ST1250-011
10 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-010100.106
$121.00 BSBH-ST1250-010
9 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00990.118
$131.00 BSBH-ST1250-009
8 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00880.133
$137.00 BSBH-ST1250-008
7 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00770.148
$150.00 BSBH-ST1250-007
6 AWG 500 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00660.166
$166.00 BSBH-ST1250-006
5 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00550.186
$90.00 BSBH-ST1250-005
4 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00440.208
$97.00 BSBH-ST1250-004
3 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00330.234
$110.00 BSBH-ST1250-003
2 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00220.263
$125.00 BSBH-ST1250-002
1 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00110.294
$150.00 BSBH-ST1250-001
0 AWG 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-00000.33
$165.00 BSBH-ST1250-000
3/8" 250 FT/SPOOL BSBH-ST1250-3-83/8"0.387
$250.00 BSBH-ST1250-3-8

AWG Size Bentley Harris ST1250 Fiberglass Braided Sleeving

Fiberglass braided sleeving is commonly used in high temperature applications such as ovens, stoves, coffee makers, toasters, and other small heating appliances. With a good amount of flexibility, and a fair amount of expandability, Bentley Harris ST Fiberglass Sleeving can be used for insulation of wires (up to 600V insulation), irregular shapes (e.g. coil insulation on rotating equipment), and thermal protection of insulated wires (e.g. fiberglass can thermally protect PVC jacketed wire that rests very close to a heat source).

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