Your New Secret Weapon

Very few products are as highly regarded by industry professionals and at-home DIYers as Heat Shrink Tubing. Often, we find ourselves in a situation requiring expert support, think home wiring—except with simple (safe) tasks like changing a fuse, you should call the electrician and in general, stay out of the breaker box. 

However, not every situation should require you to call in the cavalry. That's because it's never been easier to access professional-grade tools and equipment, or to find how-to tutorials to help get a job done right...and on your own.

Heatshrink tube is one of those miraculous products that takes a complex problem and prescribes a reliable solution that lasts.

What is Heatshrink Tubing?

Heat shrink tubing is shrinkable plastic tubing primarily used to insulate wires. The tight seal, created by shrinking the insulating plastic, provides long-term abrasion resistance and protection from environmental harm. By creating an additional layer of protection for wires, heat shrink ensures the longevity of the wiring work and the safety of the user. Heat shrink is ideal for all stranded and solid wire conductors, connections, joints and terminals commonly found in electrical work. 

But that's not all...

Heatshrink's unique properties make it an ideal solution to a number of frustrating problems around the house. Applying heatshrink is very simple, choose an appropriate size and length of tube for what you want to be covered, then apply heat and watch it shrink and seal.

Fix Your Broken Glasses

If you wear glasses to correct your vision, or to keep UV rays from harming your eyes, at some point, you will end up with a broken pair. With heatshrink on hand, as long as the lens isn't broken, you can easily repair most damage and avoid an expensive replacement pair. 

The method is pretty straightforward, simply realign the frame at the point at which it was broken. If it helps, consider a drop of superglue to hold in place so you can focus on firmly adhering the heatshrink. We recommend choosing a tubing color that matches the style of your frames. Keeping a Heat Shrink Kit on hand makes this a quick option. Use scissors to form the tube to the appropriate dimensions and voila! Your glasses will be good as new.

The Key to Success

Do you have an unreasonable amount of keys on your keychain? One for the front gate, back gate, mailbox, shed, office—or maybe you are constantly fumbling in the dark always looking for the right key but can never find it. Heatshrink can help you quickly identify your keys using custom labels. 

Easily apply a bit of colored heat shrink to the top plate of each key so that it is immediately recognizable. If you are in a position that requires handing out many keys or sets of keys to a group of people, you may choose to have Custom Heat Shrink Labels printed with a business name or contact information.

Repair Any Cable or Chord

One fact of our modern lifestyle is that it is Ruled by Chords and Cables that give us access to the digital world. Unfortunately, many of the most important chords, like our chargers and Audio/Visual cables, are unreliable after only a few months of use.

Have no fear, heat shrink tubing is here! Check out this easy to follow step-by-step tutorial on Repairing AV Cables and you'll never let an exposed wire ruin your day again. 

Apply this same technique with expensive audio equipment, headphones, cell phone chargers or any other wire you like.

Shrink Your Problems

Once you've got the hang of it, applying heat shrink will offer solutions to your problems like never before. Other than heat shrink tube, the only tool you will really need is an Affordable Heat Gun, and then you'll be off and shrinking!

Genius Heat Shrink Applications