A Guide to Braided Sleeving

No matter if you’re an experienced electrician or a wiring hobbyist, braided sleeving is an incredible cable and wiring solution that will help bundle, protect and insulate your wires against nearly anything. They are great to have on hand to improve your wiring whether it be in home or on the job site.

Regardless of how and where you use it, braided sleeving is simple and easy to use, fitting around large bundles and unique corners. It provides wires of all types and sizes with a superior level of protection against heat and moisture, even in the hottest and most extreme environments.

Braided sleeving is considered to be one of the strongest and most durable wire protection and cable organization products available. It’s also offered in a wide range of sizes and colors, making it perfect for color-coded wire identification.

Braided sleeving is most commonly used to effectively jacket and protect wire components, cable assemblies, wire harnesses, as well as a variety of commonly used industrial tubes and hoses.

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What is braided sleeving?

Braided sleeving offers bundling and protection for your wires and cables like no other. It helps to prevent issues caused by chemical exposure, weather, pests and any other environmental risks.

Most braided sleeving is created using polyester monofilament. The polyester monofilaments are braided into one singular, virtually indestructible tubular sleeve that then fits over your wires and cables making easy to maintain bundles. Braided sleeving perfectly combines all those loose cables together for easier use and improving your work or home environment by keeping everything safe and in order.

Like heat shrink tubing and tape, braided sleeving is available in different colors for electrical wire run color coding. It’s fire retardant properties help to add protection while still providing great flexibility that help wires run around sharp corners and for applications where there is vibration and movement.

Braided sleeving can be used to protect wire components of all sizes and applications. It’s also common in appliance manufacturing for wire harnessing and organization of cable assemblies, tubes and hoses.

How to use braided sleeving

Braided sleeving is a simple yet effective tool, simply slide the expandable braided sleeving over cables and bundles in order to expand its size. The expandable sleeving then forms a tight fitting cover that adjusts to all shapes and contours. The ends can then be secured with clamps for a professional look and to prevent fraying.

To help with installation, BuyHeatShrink also offers bench mount hot knives that make cutting your sleeve to specific measurements easy.

How is it different from heat shrink tubing?

Braided sleeving and heat shrink tubing have a lot in common, they can help you to not only protect your wires and cables from external hazards but also keep your wires organized with bundling, and color coding options. Unlike heat shrink tubing however, braided sleeving does not shrink. Instead, it conveniently fits over wire and cable. Sleeving products also typically cost less than heat shrink tubing.

What further sets braided sleeving apart is that it is better suited for bulkier objects and extended cable runs. Once installed, braided sleeving remains flexible and can be routed through tight spaces more effectively than heat shrink tubing.

We suggest using braided sleeving for the main routing and then applying heat shrink at the ends of the connection to firmly secure it in place. This ensures durable cable routing and guarantees the sleeve will stay in place.

Braided sleeving does not require the time, effort, or tools necessary for heat shrinking. It is designed to fit well over wire and cable without any alterations saving you a great deal in both time and money.

The different types of braided sleeving

There are several types of sleeving you can consider before purchasing, the two most common being polyester expandable and fiberglass sleeving. Polyester and fiberglass options allow you the ability to protect your wires and help with identification with color coding options. Other popular options are stainless steel braided sleeving and high temperature ceramic.

Stainless steel braided sleeving is one great and affordable choice when looking to invest in sleeving as it gives you the look of an expensive product for an affordable cost. Unlike the polyester and fiberglass sleeving options, stainless steel braided sleeving is better suited for tougher environments like the outdoors as it provides flexible and durable resistance for wires against UV rays, abrasion, corrosion and discoloration caused by rust. It is used extensively in the automotive industry.

Why it’s time to invest in braided sleeving

At BuyHeatShrink we provide sleeving that can withstand a range of temperatures, making it the ideal, and the only option, for high-temperature continuous use. The durable weaving also protects from common pests and pets who are attracted to wiring.

After installation, braided sleeving will expand to 150% of its size. The tight weave easily accommodates bundles of wires and connection components to provide another layer of insulation and to ensure connections stay active and secure so your product can maintain a peak operating schedule.

Insulation is a key feature of braided sleeving. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, all components will be protected from excessive heat, moisture, vibration, UV light and corrosive chemicals. Because the weave is designed to expand and contract based on pressure, many different bundle sizes can be accommodated across a range of temperatures.

There is no doubt that braided sleeving adds value to any electrical installation by providing better organization, insulation and protection for your wires and cables. It is also just one of many ways to help with your cable management needs. Braided sleeving can not only help to declutter your wires but also your mind by helping keep your technology ordered.

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A Guide to Braided Sleeving