The Miracle of Braided Sleeving

Few products offer as an effective bundling and protective solution as Expandable Braided Sleeving. This product is designed to prevent issues relating to chemical exposure, weather and pests while mitigating any other environmental risk. Due to its effectiveness and reliability, braided sleeving is is used all over the world by plumbers, electricians, mechanics and other Industry Professionals

Developed from premium polyester monofilament, braided sleeving can be used to protect wire components of all sizes and applications, and is ubiquitous in appliance manufacturing for wire harnessing and organization of cable assemblies, tubes and hoses. 

Our sleeving comes in a range of temperature ranges, making it the ideal, and the only option, for high-temperature continuous use. But the durable weaving also protects from common pests and pets who are attracted wiring.

After installation, braided sleeving will expand to 150% of its size. The tight weave easily accommodates bundles of wires and connection components to provide another layer of insulation and to ensure connections stay active and secure so your product can maintain a peak operating schedule. 

Insulation is a key feature of braided sleeving. Whether you use it indoors or outdoors, all components will be protected from excessive heat, moisture, vibration, UV light and corrosive chemicals. Because the weave is designed to expand and contract based on pressure, many different bundle sizes can be accommodated across a range of temperatures.

BuyHeatShrink braided sleeving is designed using premium manufacturing guidelines, and is Made in the USA! We sell Bench Mount Hot-Knives that aid with installation, making cutting your sleeve to specific measurements easy.

How Is Braided Sleeving Different Than Heat Shrink?

Heatshrink has myriad uses for cable organization and insulation, especially for small runs and cable organization. Braided sleeving is ideal for bulkier objects and extended cable runs. Once installed. sleeving remains flexible and can be routed through tight spaces more effectively than heat shrink tube. Use braided sleeving for the main routing and then apply heat shrink at the ends of the connection to firmly secure it in place. This ensures durable cable routing and guarantees the sleeve will stay in place as intended. 

Whether you are working on a boat engine or an extensive electrical buildout, expandable braided sleeving makes the job easier and provides insurance that all your components will fit in place for good.

BuyHeatShrink specializes in affordable cable routing solutions to make whatever you are working on efficient and effective.  

Miraculous Braided Sleeving