No More Long Wait for PTFE & FEP

No More Long Wait for PTFE & FEP 

Product supply issues

If you’ve tried to purchase PTFE or FEP recently, then you know how tough it is out there.

The reality is that some industrial product companies will experience PTFE/FEP delays well into 2023. Lead times have increased and the wait times are long for the items that you need right now.  

Zeus abandons the electrical market

With Zeus Industrial Products deciding to no longer sell in the electrical market, this has certainly complicated things. Their shifted focus to the medical market left a gap in the electrical market. As a result, PTFE tubing and FEP heat shrink are no longer accessible in a timely manner.

BuyHeatShrink has what you need

This is where Buy Heat Shrink comes in with the good news.

We’ve established direct lines with factories to get material within 8-12 weeks! While many companies have those delayed lead times, we can get you the PTFE and FEP that you need. And, we’ll get it to you sooner!

The even better news? Some of our FEP and Teflon tubing is already in stock! So there’s no need to wait at all to purchase those specific items. While not all items are currently in stock, the lead time is much less compared to other companies.

The moral of the story is, that there’s no need to worry about where to get your next order of heat shrink tubing. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

No More Long Wait for PTFE & FEP