Stop keyless car theft with heat shrink

A serious security breach

Let's travel back in time two years ago to the year 2020. Remember what the world was like then? It was a crazy time, indeed. So crazy that auto theft in the United States increased by 11.8% that year. According to the Insurance Information Institute, Florida was ranked third for a total of 38,271 stolen vehicles.

That's the setting where our story unfolds - specifically in southern Florida. An unnamed auto dealer was experiencing their own issues with vehicle theft.

Mission: must deter thieves

Our auto dealership friends sure had a difficult situation on their hands. The problem was that those stealthy thieves were stealing vehicles off the lot, specifically those with a push-button starter. Opening up the key fob and removing the tiny key inside was their method of choice for accessing the car.

Heat shrink to the rescue

Enter our 2:1 polyolefin tubing. Available in four-foot pieces, 100-foot spools, and 500-foot spools, heat shrink tubing is purchasable in several colors and diameters. Since this particular dealership is somewhat local to BuyHeatShrink, we helped them out with the sizing of the heat shrink. A single piece of clear heat shrink tubing over the key inside the key fob was just the ticket!

That's exactly why clear polyolefin heat shrink tubing is so convenient - the transparency allows you to read serial numbers or labels.

Safe and secure

Now, this is the happy ending of the story. Two years after adding clear heat shrink to their key fobs, our auto dealer comrades report that they have not had a vehicle stolen since.

While we can't take credit for their great idea, we're glad they pursued a solution to their problem and found BuyHeatShrink in the process!

Interested in preventing theft?

If your dealership struggles with keyless car theft, consider adding heat shrink to your key fobs. Don't hesitate to give us a call - we're happy to help you implement this solution for your business! Since all key fobs differ in size by make and model, let's figure it out together.

Even if you're not an auto dealer, you'll find a use for heat shrink tubing in your everyday life. Maybe you work on your own car, motorcycle, or boat. It's always handy to have some on hand!

Stop keyless car theft with heat shrink