7 Household Uses for Heat Shrink Tubing

There's one thing we know for sure - and that's how versatile heat shrink is! It might be because of the shrinking properties, its tight fit, or maybe it's the convenient variety of colors and sizes it comes in. For infinite reasons, heat shrink is one of the handiest things for the house.

There are numerous ways to utilize the various types of heat shrink tubing. Some of these uses you probably never would have thought of. Let's break it down - here are the most practical heat shrink uses for your household. Time to get that heat gun out and at the ready!

1. Hand grips

Oh, the endless possibilities of heatshrink tubing! Textured heat shrink is a game-changer for adding texture to hand grips.

Our nonslip textured heat shrink tubing adds extra cushioning to your tools, cooking utensils, or tennis racket - you name the object. Do you need a more comfortable hand grip for a tool once the original has deteriorated? What if your child has trouble learning to write and could use a better grip on their writing utensil? If a hand grip needs replacing, textured heat shrink is the ideal choice.

Adhesive heat shrink also works well for adding hand grips to objects since the adhesive layer secures the tubing to the object. Then you can have further confidence that the grip will not come off over time.

As you'll see once we get further into other household uses for heat shrink, color-coding is helpful for the products you use every day. If you're looking for an easy way to quickly identify whether a screwdriver is a flat head or a Phillips screwdriver, just use a different color of heat shrink tubing on the handle.

2. Audio and visual cable management

Our homes are full of a multitude of audio and visual equipment, so why not enlist the help of heatshrink to wrangle those wires and cords? For computers and electronics, heat shrink tubes are a must-have for keeping cords untangled and separate. You can also create a color-coded cable system to easily tell which cable is which. To set your home office up for success, look no further than 2:1 polyolefin heat shrink tubing to make cable management simple.

Additionally, use pieces of heat shrink to put an end to the constant tangling of your headphone wires (yes, even the thin wire ones) or use it to repair damaged headphone cords.

3. Cars, motorcycles, and boats

Your garage is an extension of your home - and believe it or not, shrink tubing is also quite useful for cars, motorcycles, and boats. If you do your own repairs at home, you'll want to make sure you keep some automotive heat shrink and boat heat shrink close by. Not only does shrink tubing protect wires, but it also bundles them and links them among components.

4. Repair phone charger cord

Since our phone charger cords are the life force for our devices, they're subject to tons of wear and tear over time. Even with multiple chargers all over the house, they still don't hold up for very long! What if we told you that you never had to throw out another damaged charging cord ever again? Don't reach for that electrical tape - it's just a quick fix. What you need for a long-term solution is some 3:1 polyolefin heat shrink tubing to repair the cord.

Learn how easy it is to fix your iPhone charger cord with our Learning Center tutorial.

5. Furniture floor protectors

With just a few heat shrink end caps, you can make your own floor protectors for furniture. That internal wall of hot-melt adhesive within the end cap is crucial to forming a pressure-tight seal to protect your precious floors. Bonus: the adhesive lining also prevents moisture penetration, so feel free to use those dual-wall end caps on your outdoor furniture feet to prevent rust.

6. Color-coding keys

Here's a simple little life hack for you. Imagine standing at your front door with your hands full, fumbling through your keyring to figure out which key is The One. When you have tons of keys that all look relatively the same, a colored piece of heat shrink at the top of the key could make all the difference. Protecting your keys from rust is a win-win, not to mention instantly knowing the difference between your house key and garage key is priceless. All it took was some clever color-coding!

7. Dog Leash

Your furry friend is like family to you, so having a durable, long-lasting dog leash to rely on for your daily walks is always important. Using heat shrink tubing to create a DIY dog leash probably did not even cross your mind. Lucky for you, we have a blog that shows you exactly how to make a DIY dog leash!

While this isn't a comprehensive list of how to use shrink tubing in your household, we at BuyHeatShrink hope these practical uses get you started!

Don't hesitate to contact us to inquire about more uses of heat shrink.

7 Household Uses for Heat Shrink Tubing